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Yealink VC500-Micpod videoconferencing system

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Perfect for small and medium rooms - VC500 video conferencing endpoint

Lifelike communication for small and medium meeting rooms

The VC500 delivers a lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience for small and medium meeting rooms. Its wide-angle lens provides an expanded 83-degree horizontal field of view to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the meeting. Equipped with a 1080P 60fps and 4x optical zoom PTZ camera, the VC500 offers a vivid image as well as a clear focus.

Two packages to enhance diversity

The VC500 offers two packages to fit diversified needs.

The VC500-wireless micpod utilizes Yealink's DECT technology, featureing two wireless microphones to optimize mobility within the meeting room by providing a stable voice transmission. Thanks to Yealink's DECT technology your table can be kept tidy and clutter-free.

All-in-one design creates simpler deployment

Deployment is simpler than ever. The VC500 can be installed on top of the display and fits seamlessly on TVs with a thickness from 1mm to 77mm, making your meeting room clutter-free.

Yealink's VC500 is a sleek and compact device including an integrated HD camera and a codec, only one standard network cable could connect TV area and conference table, saving time and space for better communication

Less bandwidth and better network adaptability

The VC500 brings efficiency to small and medium rooms by providing a powerful network adaptability. Minimal IT support is needed so that your team can focus on work. An advanced H.265/HEVC codec allows smaller groups to have 1080P video quality from 512kb/s, saving 50% of bandwitdh.

With an excellent video packet loss recovery technology, the VC500 resists up to 30% video packet loss to ensure a stable and care-free video communication.

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